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Track your arenas, games, and rewards, and see the big picture of your play statistics. How you do with each class, how you do against each class. Whether you do better going first or with the card & coin. What your rewards are like for each level, and in total over time. And much more!

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Track the cards in your deck, to keep a record of your deck for posterity, plus:

Sharing & feedback on card choices

Share your draft choices and get feedback on each pick from friends and other arena players.

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Card rankings are shown for all your options while you draft, to help you make better decisions.

Know what's coming

Our draw-tracking tool lets you check off each card as you draw it, letting you know what's left in your deck while you play.

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View card-specific stats, like which cards are in your best decks, which cards you should choose more often, and more. (Coming soon)
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If you've already been tracking your arenas in a spreadsheet, you can upload that data to Arena Mastery so that you have all your records in one place.

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Check out how you compare to all Arena Mastery players by looking at Sitewide Stats. It shows average class results, rewards for each level, class popularity across our users AND for all Hearthstone players, and more.

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You can learn a bit more on the About this site page, by checking out a sample of personal stats (my own!), or by looking at the aggregated stats of all Arena Mastery players. But the easiest way might be to sign up and just give it a try. It's easy and there are only three fields to fill in!

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