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Shaman Arena

Jun 17

4 - 3
60 gold
20 dust
1 pack
0 gold cards
0 plain cards

  • Game 1:vs Mage ( Played first)
  • Game 2:vs Hunter ( Extra card)

    "Had the win all but locked up before the DC"
  • Game 3:vs Warrior ( Extra card)
  • Game 4:vs Warrior ( Extra card)
  • Game 5:vs Mage ( Extra card)
  • Game 6:vs Warrior ( Extra card)
  • Game 7:vs Druid ( Extra card)

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The Cards

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  • (6) Fire Elemental (2 copies)
  • (1) Rockbiter Weapon (1 copy)

Mana curve

Deck breakdown

Card Rarity
Common: 3 (100%)
Card Types
Minion: 2 (67%)
Spell: 1 (33%)

"Dust" value: 120
This value is a simplistic way of comparing decks based on the rarity of the cards you got. It's a just sum of the dust cost it would theoretically take to build this deck (with basic cards treated as commons).

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Mana curve

General comments

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#1 (Common)


Fire Elemental


Abusive Sergeant


Acidic Swamp Ooze

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#2 (Common)

Fire Elemental

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#3 (Common)

Rockbiter Weapon

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