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Sitewide Arena Stats

These stats are compiled from ~543500 arenas entered by Arena Mastery players.

Arenas imported via our importing tools are not counted here.

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Start with a little info about the general strength of Arena Mastery players
Average wins per arena 4.94
Most common result 3 wins
Best hero (with 5.26 wins on average) Mage

How good is going first?

Going first gives an extra chance to win of 5.42%
Average game win rate62.76%
Win rate going first64.61%
Win rate with card/coin59.19%
Did you notice the overall win rate does not equal the average of the play first vs second rates? It seems like it should, but it doesn't because the overall win rate is calculated from a much bigger pool of arenas (all the arenas in the system), whereas the other two come only from arenas with individual games entered where first/second was tracked. So they remain close but not exactly tied together.

Class popularity rankings

Global class popularity

  1. Mage (23.26%)
  2. Paladin (17.65%)
  3. Druid (10.77%)
  4. Shaman (9.89%)
  5. Priest (9.38%)
  6. Hunter (8.86%)
  7. Rogue (8.37%)
  8. Warlock (6.71%)
  9. Warrior (5.12%)
This is an estimate of class popularity across ALL of Hearthstone, based on the opponents Arena Mastery players face.

Arena Mastery class popularity

  1. Mage (21.37%)
  2. Paladin (17.23%)
  3. Rogue (11.87%)
  4. Druid (11.34%)
  5. Shaman (10.79%)
  6. Priest (8.6%)
  7. Warlock (6.68%)
  8. Hunter (6.51%)
  9. Warrior (5.61%)
This represents the frequency Arena Mastery players pick each class. Arena Mastery players tend to be above average (as seen in our 62.76% win rate), so you can also think of this a general list of what good players pick.

Mage is picked69.79%of the time that it's an option

Warrior is picked15.36%of the time that it's an option

Average arena rewards & class breakdown

Click for a breakdown of which classes end at each level more or less than expected. These averages are compiled from the results of the arenas that Arena Mastery players have entered reward data for.

Distribution of wins

This shows the % of all of our arenas ending at each level.

Distribution of gold

This shows the relative value of the average gold award at each level.

Looking for more?

Click any level to see a breakdown of how often each class ends with that many wins.

Class-specific records

Record as each class

How Arena Mastery players do when playing as each class
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Record AGAINST each class

How Arena Mastery players do when facing each class. This could also be considered an approximation of the strength of each class across ALL Hearthstone players.
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When to play?

The "When to play" graphs are offline for maintenance. Sorry for the inconvenience. If you're curious, the data tend to show it's easier to play on Wednesday and it's harder to play late at night on any day, but that the differences are VERY slight.